You have probably heard that old saying “you are what you eat” and you probably understand how eating food impacts the body. When we consume too much of the wrong foods, we can gain weight and become sluggish. I learned a long time ago that no matter how much exercise you do, if you continue to fuel your body with junk, you will not lose weight or improve your health.

I’m no stranger to cravings. I have a weakness for sweets. I love cake, cookies, ice cream, candy, and just about any food covered in chocolate. is living with someone who keeps the house stocked full of bad foods. Everywhere I turned I was facing temptation! There is a way to conquer junk food cravings even if you live with someone who doesn’t eat healthy.

Below are some tips that I’ve put together that may help you eat less junk and more healthy foods.

1. Change where you shop - Local supermarkets are fine but if you live anywhere near a health food market, I recommend shopping there instead. One main reason is that you are almost forced to make healthier choices. These types of markets are less likely to carry cupcakes, cheese puffs, and other tempting items. If anything, they’ll have healthier alternatives that will help you as you transition to better eating.

2. Pack your meals in a cooler - If you pack your lunches and snacks in a cooler and leave it in your car, you will be less likely to pull into a fast food drive-through. When you know that you can reach into your cooler and eat something delicious and healthy, fast food will stop being an option. You won’t stop out of hunger and desperation.

3. Cook more and eat out less - I know, common sense right? Let me tell you, it really does work. I used to eat out several times a week and mainly due to laziness and feeling like I was slump. It was an endless cycle of eating poorly and feeling miserable. If you take the time to cook, it becomes a habit. Keep meals interesting by trying new recipes. Trust me, you will never get bored. Save dining out for the weekends.

4. Substitute sweet cravings with a healthy shake - There are healthy shakes on the market that taste great and can be used as an alternative to desserts. Protein shakes are popular but there are also meal replacement shakes as well.

These are just several tips that may help you stop hunger cravings for junk food and sweets.